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Many of our users sell their property, then rent it back. For many of the sellers who get in touch, a three to four week time is the norm. Should you need a sale within a week, or longer than five weeks then this can also be organised to match your circumstances. On the full completion of your housing sale you may be able to loan your property back from us on a medium or long term basis.

Professional Housing Buyers

As official property buyers we offer a fair trade price centred on the current open market cost for your property type and area. As soon as you have accepted our deal on your property you can rest. There will be no necessity to worry about broken chains or fear if the next potential buyer will ever come to see your property and make you an offer.

We will stay in constant communications with the people involved in your property sale, lawyers etc. We will keep you up to date on the changes as they happen. Contacting us is easy. Either call us or email us and we will get back to you soon to discuss your home, with no obligation whatsover!

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  • Investing in a property is a big commitment. Fine - but how are you going to choose the right professionals for YOUR specific requirements? Different firms have different areas of practice and specialities. It might be easier if you have local knowledge but what if your acquisition is further away?

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