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Furnishing your property?

If your landlord and you're looking to rent your property for the largest amount of return you can get then furnishing your investment to a higher standard you can afford it makes perfect sense.


However you might want to avoid the fancy fixtures and fittings that are often easy to break and don't always show up on the tenancy checkouts. It may be an idea to choose more robust furniture with attention and money spent on quality rather than fancy designs.


However if you just purchase your property then the sky is the limit. There is nothing nicer than owning your own home coming in and sitting down on your own sofa that you have bought. It's what makes home home.


Recently I purchased my first flat in Southend. It was more expensive than I thought with the recent property prices having gone through the roof however I was able to secure some bargains by shopping online outside of the usual Amazon and eBays.


My girlfriend and I really like shabby chic and were lucky to come across a local website called Essex interiors that supplies high-quality furniture that the living room and bedroom and dining room at a price we could not believe.


As they did not offer credit we had to save pennies but it was worth it when it arrived we now have a new bedroom suite complete with shabby chic chest of drawers that is both a pleasure to look at and a focal point for all who come to visit.


Whether you're buying to let or buying to live or maybe just renting your first property, getting the right furniture that seats you is one of the most important aspects of enjoying your home.


For more information call Essex Interiors direct on 01708 206 488 or click here for their range of bedside cabinets

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